Top 5 Factors to Consider when Renting Medical Pumps

Are you ready for the flu season? Hospitals, home infusion pharmacies, and other medical facilities have seen an influx of flu patients during the winter months. It is causing a strain on hospitals’ resources, space, and staff members.

Even though influenza (flu) viruses can be detected year-round in the United States, flu viruses are most common during the fall and winter months. Flu activity normally increases in October and peaks in December through February.

The following graph from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows the normal flu activity in the US.

During these busy times such as flu season, hospitals can rent medical IV pumps to increase their capacity and help avoid acquisition and maintenance costs on repair.

Adepto Medical - Pump PM 1There are 5 factors to consider when renting medical pumps:

1 - Make sure any pumps you rent are serviced, maintained, cleaned, calibrated, and tested to the manufacturers' specifications

2 - Make sure to have a secondary & possibly a third rental provider

In preparation for the flu season or census increase, it is recommended to have a secondary rental provider for when your primary vendor is out of rental pumps.

3 - Choose a supplier that is responsive to your needs

Some pump suppliers are so large that customers get lost in the supplier's systems. Make sure you choose a vendor that can rapidly respond to your needs.

4 - Make sure the costs of shipping are clear

Make sure any shipping costs (including next-day shipping) are included in the pump rental price. You do not want to get surprised by extra shipping costs.

5 - Choose a supplier that can provide all of your pump rental needs

If you use multiple types of pumps - such as large volume pumps, syringe pumps, feeding pumps, and ambulatory pumps - choose a supplier that can meet all of your pump rental needs.

Medical pump rentals can be an effective way to deal with increased pump needs during peak times of the year. Just make sure you choose a reputable supplier that can handle all 5 of the key pump rental factors.

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