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Curlin 2000


The Curlin 2000 ambulatory pump is a small, lightweight device that is easy to use. It can be accurately used in any position with a low rate resolution of 2 microliters.

Patient-ready with a 90-day warranty. Next day shipping is available.


Delivery Modes for the Curlin 2000

The Curlin 2000 can be customized for:

  • Continuous Infusion – Designed to allow a constant, programmed rate of infusion
  • Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) – Designed for therapies that require a continuous rate of infusion, patient-controlled demand boluses, or both
  • TPN with Automatic Ramping - Designed to allow a level rate of infusion of parenteral nutritional products with the option of tapering at the beginning, end, or both beginning and end of the infusion. This mode also has an early ramp-down feature.
  • Intermittent Delivery - Designed to deliver programmed intervals and rates of specified amounts of infusates and to optionally deliver small amounts of the infusate between doses to keep the patient's access site patent
  • Variable Program - Designed to allow varying amounts, rates, and times of delivery of infusions up to 24 specified programs