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Smiths Medical Cadd Legacy PCA 6300


CADD Legacy PCA 6300 for continuous clinician-activated bolus and patient-activated bolus infusions. The CADD Legacy PCA 6300 pump is for pain management therapies because performance runs in the family.

Patient-ready with a 90-day warranty. Next day shipping is available.


Easy to Read Display

Easy to read and understand display screen provides information for programming adjustments and troubleshooting. New display messages, such as


Cassette Detection

Cassette detection sensor is designed to detect cassette attachment


Occlusion Detection

Upstream and downstream occlusion sensors are designed to alert the patient and clinician if interruption of fluid delivery occurs


Air-in-Line Detection

Air-in-line detector with Off, High- and Low-sensitivity settings is designed to alert the patient and clinician if air is present in the administration set tubing



ON/OFF key allows pump to be placed in low-power state and is designed to save battery life


Event Memory

The last 1,000 events in the pump’s history can be downloaded either directly or remotely (using a modem) to a PC using the CADD-DIPLOMAT  PC Communications System



CADD pump reliability and durability can mean less down time and fewer interruptions to therapy


Programming Flexibility

  • Convenient programming in milliliters, milligrams or micrograms and expanded concentration ranges
  • Includes pump, single-use 50-/100-mL pump pouch, 2 AA alkaline batteries, non-sterile demo cassette, CADD key, operator’s manual, patient guide and carrying case.

Operator’s Manual