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Baxter Sabratek 3030


The Baxter Sabratek 3030 Infusion Pump provides accurate, safe, and reliable volumetric delivery and can be used in both arterial and venous applications.

Patient-ready with a 90-day warranty. Next day shipping is available.


  • This pump can use standard, soft, and straight-line administration sets that are manufactured by either Abbott, Baxter, McGaw, or Sabratek
  • The pump is easy to program and use. You simply agree or disagree with the pump’s prompts by using the YES and the NO keys.
  • The pump’s Lockout mode makes it tamper-resistant by requiring a software access code to be keyed in prior to any parameter changes. This limits patient programming and profile selection while maintaining optimum compliance.
  • User adjustable occlusion pressure, 8-20psi
  • Selectable occlusion alarms
  • Alarms: Air in Line, Door Open, High Rate, Down Occlusion, Up Occlusion, Hold, Empty Bag, Low Battery, Empty Battery, Infusion Complete and Pump Malfunctions

Operation Manual