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Alaris 8300


The Alaris Carefusion 8300 EtCO2 Module Uses Oridion Module patented micro stream Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) Spectroscopy to continuously measure the amount of CO2 during every breath, the amount of CO2 present at the end of the exhalation (EtCO2) And During inhalation (FiCO2), and the respiratory rate.

Patient-ready with a 90-day warranty. Next day shipping is available.


The EtCO2 Module is a sidestream capnograph.The Disposables deliver a sample of the inhaled and exhaled gasses from the ventilator disposable or directly from the patient into the monitor for CO2 measurement moisture and patient secretions are extracted from the sample by the micro stream inline filter while maintaining the shape of the CO2 waveform. The Alaris 8300 EtCO2 Module release a gas sample through micro sample cell (15 Microliters).

  • Reduce risks of opioid infusions.
  • Customizable profiles add flexibility across all patientcare areas.
  • Utilizes sampling lines that cuts the need for moving parts, external sensors or routine calibration.
  • Provides patient EtCO2 sampling products to meet abroad spectrum of sampling needs available with or without oxygen delivery.