Rent Pumps

We provide rentals on all of our infusion pumps. This includes the cost of servicing, cleaning, calibrating, and testing.

Rent Pumps

We also provide express shipping and free returns on all pumps.

Service Pumps

We have an in-house Biomedical team that is certified in servicing equipment from a wide range of manufacturers.

Service Pumps

Our team provides service and repair to medical facilities nationally.

Buy Pumps

We carry over 60 makes and models of infusion pumps, with a 6 month warranty included.

Buy Pumps

We'll also keep track of when your pump needs an annual PM (Preventative Maintenance).

Adepto Medical

We make buying, renting, and repairing pumps easy. You get high-quality, clean equipment that comes with a warranty and can ship the same day the order is placed.

Our full-service biomed department can repair and rejuvenate your broken pumps. We can also rent or sell as many pumps as you need—whether it’s as few as 5, or as many as 500. All of our pumps are guaranteed patient-ready for hospitals, clinics, medical offices, and home infusion pharmacies.

When you call Adepto Medical, you’ll talk to a live person who is friendly and eager to help. That’s because we invest in real relationships with our customers.

Pumps Today

Search our huge selection of medical pumps below by type or manufacturer. Call 833-423-3786 to find out if we have the pump you need!

Ambulatory pumps are designed to be portable and easy to use. We sell many ambulatory pumps, including the Curlin 6000, the Bodyguard 323, and the Cadd Prizm 6101 VIP. Since these pumps are ultra portable, don’t forget to ask about our carrying cases and other accessories.

Feeding pumps are designed to deliver foods or medications through a feeding tube and can be attached to an IV pole with a pole clamp. We have the Kangaroo Joey, Zevex Infinity, and other feeding pumps available for sale and rent. Need IV tubing sets or pole clamps? We’ve got them.

Adepto Medical can be your MVP of LVPs, otherwise known as Large Volume Pumps. These pumps can be used for either continuous or intermittent delivery and offers a lot of flexibility. We carry the Vista Basic, the Hospira Plum A+, and even the Baxter Flogard 6301

Syringe pumps are generally used to administer medication to a patient slowly, delivering small amounts over a longer period of time. We have a huge selection of syringe pumps in stock. Buy or rent everything from an Alaris 8100 to the Medfusion 4000. If you’re looking for it, we have it!

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